Emotional Warfare by Daniel Pisconeri


Emotional Warfare offers a rare and revealing insight into the heart and mind of a seriously troubled young man. When his best friend dies of cancer, Daniel plunges into a decade of crippling, emotional turmoil that affects all his relationships and makes him question his worth as a human being. Tall, superbly fit and a gifted footballer and boxer, Daniel has to find a way to keep his volcanic anger and frustration in check while he works out how to deal with a powder keg of negative thoughts and feelings that threaten to tear him apart.

This is a remarkable journey of self-discovery that is not for the faint-hearted. It is raw and savage, profane and sometimes sad. But, in the end, how Daniel works to exorcise his demons will astound you. This is no ordinary young Australian man and nor is this an ordinary story. In fact, the lessons Daniel learns that he now shares in this book are a superb tonic for all of us.

As Daniel discovers, it all comes down to a single human quality: being courageous.

Price: $28.00