Where The Heart Is

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After the breakdown of a relationship, Daniela (Dani) Sante moves from Perth where she has lived for a year, and returns to her hometown, Waroona.  Surprised by house-guest, Antonio Bartolini, Dani is not pleased that he is residing in her home.

The return to Waroona does not give Dani the comfort she had hoped for.  The drama taking place around her is unsettling and she longs for peace, but the problems of family and friends are not easily pushed aside.  When the police arrive at her door, Dani realises that her Perth ‘home’ was not the safe haven she thought it was.

Added to this, is her growing resentment towards Antonio.  Having struggled to accept her Italian heritage for most of her eighteen years, Antonio represents all that she loathes.  The fact that he is extremely handsome and charming only adds to the conflict within her.

Will Dani overcome her bias and accept Antonio for who he is?  And will she follow her heart, before it’s too late?


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